Many patients are interested in our Midwife Department, so we have expanded Catawba Women’s Center (CWC) to support the increasing demand. We are now the only midwifery practice in the Catawba Valley region of western North Carolina that offers 24/7 midwifery coverage to our patients!

Specialized training and experienced labor/delivery nursing backgrounds enable the compassionate, loving care you’d expect from a mother. Together, Certified Nurse Midwives Alexcia Pennell, Jamie Brumley, Kimberly Stites, and Leah Maulding deliver more than babies at CWC. As mothers, they understand the excitement, questions and uncertainties you might experience.

At CWC, our board-certified midwives work side-by-side with our entire team of professionals. Supported and supervised by seven OB/GYN physicians, we deliver the care you expect and deserve. Together, we care for your physical and emotional needs throughout pregnancy. And through attentive labor/delivery experience, coaching and advocating, we’ll help you achieve the birth experience you desire at Catawba Valley Medical Center’s new Women’s Pavilion. Next to a mother’s love, you won’t find better care than Catawba Women’s Center.

You may be wondering: “What is a Midwife?”

The word midwife has been used for centuries to describe a caregiver who is "with women" at birth. Today, the word indicates a philosophy of care that focuses on the specific needs of women, offers a variety of options, and promotes a natural labor/childbirth experience; the individuals who hold the title of Certified Nurse Midwife are highly educated professionals, licensed by the State of North Carolina and Certified by the American College of Nurse Midwifery. They work collaboratively with physicians to deliver a nurturing and supported labor experience. For more information about Nurse-Midwives, please see the web site for the American College of Nurse-Midwives