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Catawba Women's Center Midwives are proud to be offering Centering Pregnancy prenatal care starting January 2022. Centering is patient-centered care delivered in a small group setting. The groups remain together for the entire pregnancy. The visit schedule and content follow nationally recognized guidelines (from the Centering Healthcare Institute) with flexibility and time to explore health and wellness topics that fit the group’s needs. Receiving healthcare in a group setting leads to greater engagement, learning, and self-confidence. Both provider and patient are involved in the health assessment. Patients receive one-on-one time with their provider and learn to take some of their own assessments. This engages them in their own self-care or care of their child. Engaging activities and facilitated discussions help patients to be more informed, confident and empowered to make healthier choices for themselves, their children and their families. One person’s question is another one’s question. Patients quickly find comfort in knowing they are not alone. Participation in group care lessens the feelings of isolation and stress while building friendships, community and support systems. We hope you will consider trying Centering Pregnancy to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.