OB Pink Book

Can’t wait to see your baby? Now you don’t have to. Get your first look at the face you’ve been dreaming of with 3D/4D ultrasound imaging at Catawba Women’s Center. Now you can watch your baby live in real-time. Our package includes a CD of images, perfect for your baby book and sharing with friends and family. It’s just the latest reason why, next to a mother’s love, you won’t find better care anywhere than Catawba Women’s Center.

*The preferred gestational age for 3D/4D fetal portraits is between twenty-six (26) and thirty (30) weeks because amniotic fluid levels are optimal and the fetus has adequate body fat and tissue. However, fetal portraits can be attempted and are often obtained after thirty (30) weeks gestation.

*The quality of fetal portraits obtained varies depending upon the position and gestational age of the fetus as well as other factors including the mother’s physical proportions.