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These are busy times for everyone. Demands on personal and business schedules require efficiency.....and running from one appointment to the next is not efficient! With our In-Office Digital Mammography service, your annual screening mammogram is performed as part of and just a few minutes before your Well Woman exam. The result? Shortly after check-in at our front desk with friendly staff dedicated to ensuring optimal patient care, two important annual exams vital to every woman's health maintenance are performed in one location and within just a few minutes. After booking your next annual exams, you can be on your way.

Our mammography suite offers comfort, discretion, and modesty. We work with one patient at a time. There is no sitting in a crowded waiting room while partially disrobed or the need to even walk in common/public areas. Our changing rooms are spacious, clean, and just steps away from our state-of-the-art equipment.

Every patient's breast care is overseen by her doctor right here where all related medical records, reports, and images are maintained and managed. If any follow-up work is required as a result of a screening mammogram, our physicians are apprised of patient status and monitor progress through whatever additional steps in care are required.

We work with only the most highly credentialed breast care specialists who interpret all of the mammograms taken in our suite. They meet our exacting standards in terms of education and experience in breast health imaging and interpretation.

We employ only the most experienced breast imaging technologists who are registered, certified, and advance their continuous medical education. They are knowledgeable, gentle, efficient, and guide every patient through the entire exam. Take advantage of the time with our technologist - ask her anything about the mammogram procedure or express to her any concerns or questions.

Our mammography suite uses the very best digital mammography equipment and peripherals available in the market today. It is manufactured by the global leader in women's health technology and has an exceptional and consistent record of performance and clarity.

Some insurance plan co-pays may be lower when a screening mammogram is performed "In-Office." Insurance plans vary so we advise all patients to check their specific plan details.

To learn more about our In-Office Digital Screening Mammography service or to schedule a mammogram as part of your Well Woman Exam, call us today at 828-322-4140. Once you have scheduled your mammogram, please print and fill-out the Mammogram Release Form and bring it with you to your appointment.