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At Catawba Women’s Center we are resolved to deliver the full scope of medical services related to women’s health. Dr. Harold Dufour, a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, takes a special interest in the treatment of infertility. We offer treatment for endometriosis, fibroids, tubal disease, irregular ovulation, male subfertility and unexplained infertility. In addition to advanced surgical treatment, we offer convenient medical treatment, which is otherwise unavailable in Catawba County. Catawba Women’s Center works collaboratively with Infertility Treatment Centers in Charlotte and Winston-Salem to provide convenient, local monitoring for In Vitro Fertilization. If you have questions about our Infertility Services, contact our office at (828) 322-4140.

For further information please see the ACOG Patient Information about Evaluating Infertility.

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